Farmers’ Market version 2.covid

Remember when farmers’ markets looked this way …? Today’s reality has put a dowright, dirty smack-down on the pre-covid, get-to-do-what-ya-wanna-do vibe of a farmers’ market. Traditionally, farmers’ markets have always been a place to congregate, grab a coffee, see a familiar face, sit and have a good ol’ chit-chat. Maybe even have breakfast or something super delicious for lunch. A place where a community comes together to support and celebrate its local food system.

Well, exit stage left that ideal farmers’ market vision and enter stage right farmers’ market version “2.covid”. Its a noticebly different scene: one that limits conversation, limits the distance between you and your neighbour, limits the number of your favorite people and pets you are bringing to the market… and the list goes on. We know it’s a hard go right now – and literally – its a hard ‘go’ as in ‘get in then get going’ at farmers’ markets everywhere. But folks, its for the sake of our safety, and that is a darn good thing.

Another darn good thing..? Despite the new rules&regs of Covid-19, our community continues to visit us week after week to show their support for our hard working vendors and volunteers. And all while respecting our new norm of operations. Its crazy times people. Crazy times! So we want to say ‘THANK YOU’ for still supporting us, for your kindness and your patience as we all adjust to this farmers’ market version 2.covid.

We hope to continue to see you (albeit briefly!) at the market throughout the summer! Please check out our Covid Shopping Rules for more information about your visit to the market. Stay kind, and safe.

2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market version 2.covid

  1. You should update the schedules (days and times) of each of the markets on the main page of your website. Right now, it only looks like the Minden one is open 10 to 2.


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