Our Story


The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market traces its origin to a community meeting in February 2009 initiated by the Local Food Coalition, an association of Haliburton residents advocating for increased availability of healthy locally produced food.  From that meeting a group of dedicated individuals – farmers, potential vendors, community activists and consumers – identified a location and planned for the first market season the following summer.  

The next few years saw intense growth and development.  After an elected hands-on volunteer board was formed to oversee the market, the directors created governing documents, hired a market manager, recruited vendors, and focused on marketing and promotion. The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market Association (HCFMA) also forged relationships with local municipal councils and became a member of Farmers’ Markets Ontario (FMO) who supply insurance, guidance and advocacy. Within 4 years the number of market locations expanded to three, the largest number of market locations operated by the same board from among the 180 markets affiliated with FMO.  This hard-working board continues to the present to direct the operation of its three locations. 

The market has brought significant benefits to the community by supporting and nurturing a local food ecosystem.  Since its founding, a central principle of the HCFMA has been to give Haliburton producers priority in vendor selection in recognition of the challenges faced by local agriculture. In so doing, the market has stimulated a modest increase in farming and homesteading – a notable achievement given the location of Haliburton on the Canadian Shield. It has also functioned as an incubator for small businesses.  Other Haliburton businesses have experienced the 2 to 3 multiplier effect of the market as customers coming to the market patronize their stores as well. The market creates a job by employing a market manager and has contributed a desirable destination for tourists. 

Above all, the market has become a fixture in the local culture and a highlight of many people’s summer experience in Haliburton – an attractive spot to stroll outdoors, to meet vendors and shop for delicious local food and artisan products, and to gather with friends and other members of the community.

Our Vision 

We envision a thriving and sustainable local food system where healthy and wholesome food is available to all.

Our Mission 

To create a venue for producers to directly sell products grown or produced in Haliburton County

Our Values

The following principles form the foundation for the Constitution and Vendor Rules and Regulations.

  1. Facilitate access to products grown or produced in Haliburton County in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  2. Promote community health and well-being through education and the growth, production and consumption of wholesome food. 
  3. Strive for a balance between supporting Haliburton County production and meeting customer needs.
  4. Create a pleasant and rich Market experience for customers and vendors.
  5. Collaborate with organizations and individuals that share our vision.   

Haliburton County Farmers’ Market Association Constitution
Haliburton County Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations

Our Board Members

  • Chair:
  • Vice Chair: Angel Taylor
  • Treasurer: Brian Nash
  • Secretary:
  • Directors:
    • John Wrublewsky
    • Kevin Fisher
    • Ron Lofthouse
    • Mike Townsend